Some Bozo Tried To Swindle A Free Meal Out Of Michelin Star Restaurant In Exchange For ‘Exposure,’ Got Owned

Snake it till you make it is what I always say. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever said that but I was struggling for a opener to this blog. Anyway, as  a professional blogger, there are more perks than just a less than stellar salary and strangers calling you a giant pussy in the comment section. In certain instances, you can flex your muscles with brands to get what you want.

Example: The cleaning service Handy once charged me $80 for a cleaning that never happened. They were being total dickbags about it and only surrendered when I told them verbatim, “I work for an online publication with millions of monthly readers and I’m not above throwing a temper tantrum online.” I felt like a complete douche canoe for resorting to that, but 80 bucks is 80 bucks. They refunded me half of that. Dickwads.

Well, a food blogger tried to weasel a free meal out of an Michelin star gourmet French restaurant in Kilkenny, Ireland by using the “exposure” card.

Campaign Restaurant–which serves entrees upward of $30+– tweeted out the offering, mocking the poor bastard.

Hey no swings, no hits. But if you miss, the entire internet is going to make fun of you…

Back to the drawing board, bro.

[h/t Some eCards]

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