Footage Of Mass UFO Event Over Military Base Draws Comparison To Infamous 1997 Sighting

UFO mass sighting over military base california


Footage of a 2021 mass UFO sighting witnessed by more than 50 people at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Camp Wilson in California has brought comparisons to the “Phoenix Lights” UFO sighting of 1997.

The California UFO footage was presented and discussed this week by investigative journalist George Knapp and documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell on a the latest episode of the Weaponized podcast.

“In the spring of 2021, almost two years to the day, dozens of U.S. Marines being trained at the sprawling base at Twentynine Palms watched in awe as a massive, triangular-shaped object sat motionless in the sky for a period of more than ten minutes,” the podcast’s description reads.

“Several Marines recorded images of the triangle on their cell phones, including phones equipped with low light features.

“Base commanders reacted quickly to the sighting. They mobilized ground units, dispatched helicopters, and fired off flares to try and illuminate the mystery craft.

“Jeremy and George have obtained multiple videos and photos recorded during the incident and also interviewed several of the Marines who were present,” the description continues.

“The witnesses alternately described the object as the size of a two story house and as long as half a football field.

“Despite the number of qualified witnesses and the excellent images recorded during the encounter, the case was not reported up the chain of command, nor was the information shared with AARO (the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office), the government’s formal UAP investigative agency.”

During the episode, Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp describe what happened and shared recorded statements from two eyewitnesses.

“As this imagery and video is coming in, I started asking people.” Corbell recalled. “I started reaching out to everybody I knew that could know somebody that was on the ground at that time. And as the imagery and video came in it was corroborated. Different angles, same event, this is what I would call a mass sighting. It was more than 50 people that I personally know were staring up and looking at this object at one time. It resembled to me, like the ‘Phoenix Lights,’ how you see that perfect v-shaped row of lights.”

It was at this point they showed the first video.

The UFO reportedly hovered over the base for about 10 minutes and when the Marines fired flares at the UFO it disappeared just before the flares could illuminate it for a better view.

Also during the episode, Corbell and Knapp briefly discussed what renowned Stanford professor Dr. Gary Nolan said this week about aliens “100 percent” living among us (around the 5:12 mark).

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