‘Fortnite’ Has Made More Money On iOS Than ‘Clash of Clans,’ ‘Pokemon Go’ and ‘Candy Crush’

fortnite mobile ios

Fortnite didn’t have a good debut on iOS, it had a ridiculously amazing debut on iOS. Fortnite arrived on Apple iOS three weeks ago and since then has made an astounding $15 million in worldwide revenue. In the last seven days, Fortnite has made more money from in-app purchases than mobile game behemoths such as Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, and Pokemon Go.


According to a new report from Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, Fortnite Battle Royale really starting killing it on iOS once Epic Games did away with the invite-only to play their mobile version of their hit video game. “The data shows that lifting the invite requirement resulted in a 197 percent, or approximately three times increase in player expenditure on Monday, April 2, versus the $620,000 average across all previous days, totaling more than $1.8 million (nearly Rs. 11.70 crore) for the day.” So the incredible $15 million in 21 days could have been way more if not for the invite-only period. In the first three days of being released, Fortnite made $1.5 million in the iOS store.

Fortnite doesn’t seem to be slowing down and continues to place in the top 10 grossing list on iPhone in 23 countries. Expect even more revenue after Fortnite debuted the Raven skin that was so popular that it broke the Epic Games store.