50 Burning Questions You Have To Ask After The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale

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After eight years and eight seasons, Game of Thrones came to an end on Sunday night. The series finale failed to answer a lot of questions and it the episode seemed rushed, much like most of the six episodes in Season 8. There were so many loose ends to tie up and only 80 minutes to do so. After the end of Episode 6 of Season 8, we are left with so many burning questions.

Let’s ask these 50 Game of Thrones questions and hope that maybe the GoT spinoffs might answer some of these important queries.

Why does Arya go through six seasons of intense training by the Faceless Men to not use her amazing powers in the Great War or the Last War?

Who was the person with green eyes that Arya was supposed to kill from Melisandre’s prediction?

Why didn’t Cersei and Jaime move five feet over and avoid being killed by bricks?

Dany knows her two advisors conspired against her, but then sees Jon alone with no guards?

Why didn’t Drogon roast Jon Snow for killing his mother?

How did Grey Worm know that Jon Snow murdered Daenerys Targaryen?

So the Dothraki just allowed Jon Snow to live after he butchered their Khaleesi?

Where did Drogon take Dany?

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Grey Worm demands that Tyrion not talk because he is a prisoner in the Dragonpit. But why two minutes later, did he allow Tyrion to give a 20-minute speech and crown the next ruler of Westeros?

During the Grand Council meeting, Tyrion Lannister declares “who has a better story than…Bran Stark.” If that is the case, which it absolutely isn’t, then why wasn’t the show all about Bran Stark then?

So the Unsullied and Dothraki just sat there and allowed a co-conspirator to meet with outsiders so that they could select a new ruler, who is the brother of the man who killed their Queen?

How did all of the dignitaries from the various Westerosi kingdoms get to King’s Landing so quickly? Winterfell is 1460 miles away from King’s Landing.

All of House Martell has been killed, who is the new Prince of Dorne?

Why does Winterfell get to be an independent kingdom and the other kingdoms can’t?

Why would the Grand Council allow Winterfell to be independent with a Stark in charge and the six kingdoms have a Stark ruler as well?

Bran could warg into a dragon this whole time?

Why did Bran ask where Drogon is if he already has dragon GPS?

How does Bran get around the Red Keep on his wheelchair, it doesn’t have ramps?

Bran was happy with his new nickname “Bran the Broken?”

Did Bran let one million people burn to death so that he could be the king?

Bran the Broken can see the future but he doesn’t know who his Master of Whisperers and Master of War should be?

Why does Bran need a Master of Whispers?

Where did Edmure Tully come from?

Who is the Azor Ahai?

How was King’s Landing able to be repaired so quickly?

Why did Ser Brienne of Tarth write in the Jaime Lannister chapter and then close the book when the ink was still wet?

Why is Brienne the head of the Kingsguard? She was sworn to protect Sansa, the Queen of the North.

So Bronn is not only the Lord of Highgarden, but he is also the Master of Coin on King Bran’s Small Council despite having zero experience?

Everyone agrees that Jon Snow AKA Aegon Targaryen is the “one true heir to the throne,” but why did they choose Bran?

Why isn’t Gendry ruling over the Six Kingdoms, his father Robert was the one on the Iron Throne before his untimely death?

Why introduce that white horse to Arya in such a dramatic way in Episode 5?

What did the voice in the flames say to Lord Varys?

Why did Varys take off his rings before he was taken by the Unsullied?

Where is Meera Reed and maybe Bran should do the right thing and reward her for saving his ass?

Of all the places Grey Worm could take the Unsullied, he decides to set sail for Naath, a place known for its killer butterflies that give trespassers a disease that includes lethal fevers and melts the flesh off of non-native’s bones?

If the Night King and White Walkers have been defeated, why is there a need for the Night’s Watch?

We were told the Dothraki valiantly launched the first attack on the Army of the Dead in the Battle of Winterfell, but why are there so many Dothraki soldiers at King’s Landing?

How are there so many Unsullied soldiers after two major wars?

Why does Ser Davos never want to go back to his wife Marya?

What’s west of Westeros? Is it the east coast of Essos?

Will Jon become the King Beyond the Wall?

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Did Gilly have a son and did she name it Jon?

What did Podrick do to those girls at the brothel?

Why didn’t Jon Snow just pretend to get on a boat for the Night’s Watch and then as soon as Grey Worm left, go be on Bran’s Small Council?

How was no one coughing with all that ash in the air in King’s Landing?

Where is Nymeria?

What is Daario Naharis doing in Mereen?

Will Tormund Giantsbane find a big woman?

Whatever happened to Ser Pounce?

How does Tyrion’s infamous “honeycomb and jackass” joke end?

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