This Guy Built A Giant 500,000 Gallon Pool In His Backyard That’s Basically A Pond

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Everyone defines success in their own unique way, but if you ask me, you know you’ve finally made it when you have a pool. To be clear, I’m not referring to some above ground bullshit with water that only goes up to your waist; I’m talking about the kind of pool you can jump into head first without having to worry about being paralyzed for the rest of your life. Having something in your backyard that makes your neighbors jealous is my idea of the American dream.

That’s why I have nothing but respect for Micky Thornton, a Covington, Tennesee resident who first constructed a 20-foot deep pool in his backyard back in 1993. Thornton wanted a pool that didn’t make you feel trapped in a box, so he decided to start expanding it little by little. More than two decades later, he’s transformed his backyard into the pool of everyone’s dreams.

Just how massive is the pool? According to WREG:

[The pool] is a pond-sized playground made up of 320 yards of gunite, 40,000 pounds of steel rebar, rock-lined waterfalls, sprayers and, by his estimate, more than half a million gallons of water.

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It’s unclear if the pool has a basketball hoop you can use to live out your fantasies of being able to pull off sick dunks, but it does have a waterfall and a rope swing. If you’re interested in visiting the pool or even renting out the entire thing, you can do so through its Facebook page.

Thorntons Pool!

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