‘The Mandalorian’ Director Addresses How The Show Will Handle Gina Carano’s Departure

cara dune in the mandalorian


Gina Carano used to be one of the stars of Disney+’s, The Mandalorian, one of the biggest pop culture franchises in the world.

These days, though — after getting herself fired from The Mandalorian — she’s starring in projects such as My Son Hunter, Terror on the Prairie, and Daughter of the Wolf, films which you’ve surely never heard of.

Still, the fact remains that Carano’s character in the Star Wars universe (shock trooper Cara Dune) still exists in canon. So how is the series going to deal with her absence? It’s simple — they won’t!

“Cara was a big part and continues as a character to be part of the world. It had to be addressed in the creative and [Jon Favreau] took the time to think about that,” director Rick Famuyiwa said in a recent interview with Deadline.

“It was something that was discussed as we knew it was going to have impact on the show, but at the same time, what has been at the heart of the show are the two characters — Din Djarin and Grogu — so ultimately it felt like a servicing of that, and around the Mandalorians.”

Season three of The Mandalorian will premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 1.

In addition to Pedro Pascal as the titular Mandalorian, the series also stars Giancarlo Esposito, Katee Sackhoff, Carl Weathers, Emily Swallow, Omid Abtahi, Amy Sedaris, Christopher Lloyd, and Tim Meadows.

The Mandalorian isn’t the only Star Wars series set to release this year, as 2023 is also set to see the premiere of Ahsoka and Star Wars: Skeleton Crew. The newest season of the animated series The Bad Batch also recently hit Disney+.

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