Another ‘Glitch In The Matrix’ Has Occurred As A Bird Is Filmed Motionless In Mid-Air

bird on a stone glitch


Back in the year 2020, a bird was caught on camera hovering motionless in mid-air in Gallup, New Mexico.

It didn’t make any sense.

Viewers tried to offer explanations like proof we live in a giant bubble, Exe.spybird has stopped working, and, of course, a glitch in the matrix.

Fast forward to 2023, and yep, it happened again.

This time multiple witnesses recorded video of a bird, which appeared to be dead in this case, just sitting there motionless in mid-air.

It was such a striking thing to see, the local news in Surrey, British Columbia, including, even covered the story.

A mystery is unfolding in Surrey after a man captured video of a bird floating in the air, motionless.

The footage shows a dark coloured bird in the sky with nothing attached to it. It happened around 1 p.m. on Feb. 18 near L.A. Matheson Secondary School.

“That’s a dead bird and it is just floating in the air, no strings, no nothing,” the man says.

During the video, the man moves around to show there’s nothing attached to the bird, nor is it perched on anything. He zooms in on the very lifelike bird, which seems to sway slightly with the wind but does not flinch or move.

“There was absolutely nothing we could see with the human eye that was holding it or attached to it,” the guy, who asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, added. “Very weird and eerie.”

Take a look for yourself and see if you can come up with a rational explanation…

The witness claims he walked underneath the bird to see if anything was attached to it, checked the power lines and nearby houses, and came up with nothing that would explain the glitch.

Of course, as we all are aware by now, birds aren’t real, they’re actually spy drones. That and the fact that Katy Perry is actually a robot. So who knows?

After all, planes often do the exact same thing, proving that the alien “missing time theory” is real.

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