This Golfer Getting Destroyed By An Angry Goose Has Produced Some Of The Best Photos Of The Year


The interesting thing about the blog world is that its so unpredictable. When I awoke this morning I did not expect to blog about a monster goose bodying a high school golfer, but here we are. The victim: a member of the Blissfield High School (Mich.) golf squad. The perpetrator: the goose on hole 8 who’s sick of golfers slicing balls into his happy home. The photos: legendary.

What was more of a ravaging on a golf course? This high schooler or Sergio Garcia’s octuple-bogey on 15 at the Masters? You can make a case for both.

The Blissfield Athletics twitter account detailed the bruising.

The golfers just finished teeing off and were walking down the fairway. To the left there was a goose nest and the golfers did a good job of avoiding it but the guard goose (hanging out on the far right thought differently.

My Monday is just a bit better now.