Hottest Duo In The Hip-Hop Game Right Now Are 70-Year-Old Grandad Drill Rappers From The UK

When you think of drill rappers you don’t think of 70-year-old British grandpas taking Lisinopril for their high blood pressure. But here we are. Of course they have their own SoundCloud account.

One of the most viral posts on Twitter this week featured a clip from the rap duo of Pete and Bas. The tweet was captioned: “Bro, 70 year drill rappers from the UK. Sh*t is crazy.” The video has almost 8 million views, and tweet has nearly 70,000 Retweets plus over 350,000 Likes.

As you can see, Pete and Bas are not your typical drill rappers. The two men in their 70s are from south London and have made a name for themselves on the UK grime scene with their hit songs Dents in a Peugeot and Old Estate.

“Back then I had dents in the Peugeot. Now I’ve got chains on my chest. Gold, one on each finger. Brand new Range in the shed,” rap Pete and Bas.

Pete’s granddaughter introduced him to hip-hop, “At first I was turning it off and returning it all. But then I found myself listening to it more and more.” Bas, a former piano teacher, added, “The more you listen to it, the more you get into it.”

Pete and Bas have been in the rap game since 2018, when they dropped their first track titled Shut Ya Mouth.

Pete said he doesn’t see himself as an old man, “All I know is when I, a twenty-something year old, look in the mirror every morning I see a 73-year-old looking back at me.” and Bas added: “Na it’s good you can’t put an age on talent, can you?”

Pete, a grandad-of-six, told the South London Press last year, “Who said you’re too old to break the scene?”

“I’ve been in the BBC studios chatting to radio people, I’ve been in some of the biggest clubs in the country but all I want to do at the end of the day is stick my feet up and watch telly with the wife,” the former post office worker turned rapper said.

The rappers said that “life” is the inspiration for their music. The duo write all their own lyrics and have their grandsons make the beats.

Instead of hitting the retirement home, these rappers were supposed to go on tour last year but the pandemic hit and they were forced to cancel the “Lads on Tour.”