Thousands Think They Spotted The Grim Reaper At Charles’ Coronation, Sparking A Barrage Of Memes

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So, have you recovered from all of the revelry surrounding the coronation of King Charles III yet?

A who’s who of famous folks were in attendance at the shindig this past weekend including Katy Perry, Emma Thompson, Lionel Richie, Jill Biden, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and, umm, the Grim Reaper?

That’s right. Thousands of people on social media think they saw the Angel of Death at the crowning of the new king of the royal family.

The bizarre moment at Westminster Abbey was captured and shared on social media by viewer @realjoegreeeen on Twitter.

“Anyone else just notice the Grim Reaper at Westminster Abbey?” he wrote in a tweet with a clip of the moment.

Watch as a figure wearing what appears to be a black hooded robe and carrying a scythe darts past a doorway in the background of ceremony. Even the orchestra seemed to somehow know when the figure was going to make its quick appearance.

The brief clip, which has now been viewed almost two million times, has generated quite the buzz on social media with thousands of retweets and hundreds of comments.

“I noticed him! Who’s he looking for?” one fan tweeted.

“Yes, glad someone captured it,” someone else tweeted.

“Thought they were filming a remake of Exorcist 3,” tweeted another viewer who spotted the dark hooded figure during the ceremony.

“This might just be my favourite moment of the #Coronation,” another viewer wrote.

“Coronation and the funeral on a same day would save lot of money,” another person joked.

Joyless truthers, of course, just assumed that the dark hooded figure that caused such a stir online during the coronation was nothing more than just a robed member of the religious staff who just appeared to be dark because he was backlight so brightly.

But what fun is that?

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