Grimes Made Almost $6 Million In Less Than 20 Minutes Selling Crypto-Art

Grimes Made Almost 6 Million In Less Than 20 Minutes Selling Crypto-Art

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Last week, someone sold a Nyan Cat GIF for around $600,000. As it turns out, that was nothing. A few days ago the musician Grimes raked in almost $6 MILLION selling crypto-art.

Oh, and it took her less than 20 minutes to make all that cheddar.

Welcome to the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) where, essentially, people pay real money to buy fake money so they can buy fake items, kind of like in a video game. (Somewhere, P.T. Barnum is having a good laugh.)

On Sunday, an online auction held on NFT trading platform Nifty Gateway featuring Grimes’ digital art collection titled “WarNymph” made $5.8 million in under 20 minutes.

That money will come in very handy considering her boyfriend Elon Musk’s $1.5 billion investment in bitcoin cost his company, Tesla, 25% of its total market value.

Among the crypto-based artwork that Grimes sold was a image of a baby protecting Mars – for obvious reasons – called “Newborn 2” and a piece called “Earth” that features her unreleased song “Ærythe.”

Another one of Grimes’ pieces called “Death of the Old” sold for a whopping $388,000.

The sucker person who purchased “Newborn 2” is already trying to flip it for $2.5 million.

Yahoo! News reports that this is just the first NFT collection of many that Grimes plans to sell, because, jeezus, why the hell wouldn’t she sell more? It’s like printing money.

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