Man Met His Groomsman For The First Time Ever At His Wedding After Playing Xbox Live For 15 Years

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Selecting your groomsmen can be a nerve-racking decision for a groom. You don’t want to cut out one of your best bros who have been by your side for years through the good times and the bad. But there are only a few groomsmen, so things can get tricky. For Charles Powell, the decision for one of his groomsmen was extremely simple. He had been friends Joe Walters for 15 years and played video games on a regular basis. On the day of Powell’s wedding, Walters was right there at his side. Shockingly, this was the very first time that Charles and Joe had ever met in real life.

In 2003, when Powell was only 13-years-old, he started playing a video game titled Phantasy Star Online on the Xbox 360. That is where Charles met Joe, who went by the gamertag of “Sinjo.” They instantly hit it off despite Powell being from Cincinnati and Walters hailing from Detroit. At the time, Powell also made friends with William Brown, aka “Free2spin21” from Tennessee, and Joey Morris, aka “Grimmjo” from Baltimore. “I would come home from school and they would be online and I would be online,” Powell said. “We just liked the same things.” The group continued to play online video games through their teens and even into their late 20s. Yet none of them had ever met before… until now.

On Saturday, the 28-year-old Powell got married to his future wife Myra, who he met on OKCupid a few years ago. Powell’s three online bros and their dates traveled to Cincinnati to witness the Powell nuptials where they all met for the first time IRL. Charles was closest to Walters and he asked him to be a groomsman in his wedding. Joe happily obliged. “Every part of my life they were there,” he said.

Powell picked up Morris at the airport, where they were so excited to meet face-to-face that they jumped when seeing each other for the first time. “We already knew each other,” he said. “It was like we were already family.” Powell posted a photo of him and Walters on Twitter and it went crazy viral, racking up more than 45,000 Retweets and over 161,000 Likes.