Guy Fieri Is Teaming Up With Rock Legend Sammy Hagar To Create A New Tequila And Flavortown Is About To Be Lit

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In 2006, Food Network set out on the hunt for its next big star and found one in the form of Guy Fieri, a walking Hot Topic with an affinity for frosted tips, yellow Oakleys, and flame-covered bowling shirts who quickly captured the hearts, minds, and stomachs of the viewing public.

I’ve been a Guy’s Guy—the nickname I just came up with to describe diehard Fieri fans like myself—ever since he burst onto the scene, and while he might not be the most talented chef in the world, he’s certainly one of the most electric figures on the culinary circuit (in addition to being a consummate bro).

I’m an absolute sucker for anything the mayor of Flavortown puts his stamp of approval on, and while I haven’t gotten the chance to experience the newest addition to his empire, I’ve gone out of my way to visit some of the diners and dives (but none of the drive-ins) that he’s graced with his presence over the years and was lucky enough to make the pilgrimage to his infamous restaurant in Times Square before it shut its doors.

As a result, I am very here for Fieri’s newest creation.

According to Food and Wine, the honorary member of Smash Mouth has teamed up with rock legend Sammy Hagar to launch a new tequila that will soon grace the shelves of my liquor cabinet.

Fieri has been buddies with Hagar—who already has his own spirit in the form of the surprisingly tasty Cabo Wabo Tequila—for a while and apparently decided to approach the rocker about getting into the game before the two teamed up to created Santo Fino Blanco, which will hit stores next month.

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