Happy National Tequila Day! Here Are The 12 Best Tequilas At Every Price


Happy National Tequila Day to you and yours! It feels a little odd to have National Tequila Day on a Tuesday, but it is what it is, so I guess we’re going to have our arm twisted to drink tequila on a weekday. We’ve already seen the best deals and best cocktails to partake in on National Tequila Day, now let’s look at 12 of the best tequilas at every price point. Before we delve into the best tequilas at different price points, you can learn the five different types of tequilas HERE.

Best Tequilas $20-$30 (750 ml bottle)

Camarena Reposado Tequila – Approximately $20
Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to drink swill. You can get the double-distilled Reposado or the Camarena Silver, which costs a little less and is perfect for margaritas. Both are made from 100% Weber Blue Agave from the highest fields in the Altos of Jalisco.

Cazadores Reposado – Approximately $20
I purchased this tequila for $19.99 at my local Costco. This 100% Blue Agave spirit sits in American white oak casks for up to a year. This liquor has notes of vanilla and spice. It has a bit of a bite but is great for margaritas.

El Jimador Blanco – Approximately $20
Made with 100% Weber Blue Agave, this makes for a perfectly good tequila for cocktails. There is a peppery heat, notes of citrus, and a long finish.

1800 Reserva Tequila Silver – Approximately $25
This spirit is wonderfully smooth and medium-bodied. 1800 is aged in American oak and French oak for up to 15 days. Floral, fruity, and peppery notes. This is a tremendous tequila value.

Best Tequilas $40-$50

Casa Noble Crystal Tequila – Approximately $40
This is what I believe to be the best tequila for the money. Ultra smooth, no aftertaste, just a clean crisp agave flavor. Fantastic for sipping or mixing. I’ve done extensive research and found that drinking the Casa Noble Crystal Tequila does not hit you with headaches or hangovers.

Avion Single Origin Tequila Reposado – Approximately $50
Avion’s ultra-premium tequila has a new look to introduce their single origin spirit. This delightful reposado comes from the highlands town of Jesus Maria in Mexico. Having their tequila come from one location ensures that the land is being maximized for sustainability and that there are no fertilizers. The tequila is so smooth with a pleasing sweetness boasting hints of dried cherries and spice.

Chamucos Reposado Especial Tequila – Approximately $50
Chamucos, which means “devil” in Spanish, is quite the spirit. This 100% Blue Agave tequila gets possessed by the devil while it stews in white oak barrels for seven months. There are hints of tropical fruit and cinnamon, but it has a devilish kick of jalapenos at the end. Plus the box folds out to be a frightening devil.

Milagro Barrel Reserve Reposado – Approximately $60
This beautifully smooth tequila has vanilla flavors with a golden color thanks to resting in both American and French oak barrels for a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months. Just wonderful, bright agave aromas.

Best of the Best Tequilas $100+

Clase Azul Reposado – Approximately $100
You might see the exquisite blue and white ceramic bottle hand-painted by local artisans in a small village in Mexico and think Clase Azul tequila needs a gimmick to sell. You couldn’t be farther from the truth. The hand-painted bottle is only half of the work of art that the liquid is inside. This ultra-premium tequila is made from the finest Weber Blue Agave in Mexico and aged in American oak barrels for eight months that were previously used for bourbon, cognac, and sherry. You drink Clase Azul neat because it is insanely smooth. No afterbite, just a remarkably perfect spirit. Sweet notes of vanilla, jasmine, and honey welcome you with every satisfying sip of Clase Azul Reposado. Plus, the lid doubles as a bell which you can ring with your finger and annoy everyone by constantly hitting it.

Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Añejo – Approximately $100
This delightful spirit gets its complex flavors from being aged in hand-selected lightly charred French white oak barrels for four to five years. A velvety, dark chocolatey, yet smokey and spicy flavor. Incredibly smooth.

Don Julio 1942 Tequila – Approximately $100
If you dare try to add lime or salt to this tequila the spirit gods will strike you down. This whimsical extra añejo is aged for at least two and a half years. It is so wonderfully smokey and caramel-flavored from the oak barrels that it comes off more like a bourbon than a tequila.

Cuervo Reserva de la Familia – Approximately $175
This is definitely not the Cuervo that was poured down your throat at the Señor Frog’s in Cancun while you were on spring break. This is an extremely sophisticated spirit with complex flavors. The tequila is made from hand-selected agave plants that are between 10-12 years-old. The exceptional extra añejo tequila is aged for a minimum of two years down in the Cuervo family’s private cellar, which is then combined with reserves that are as old as 30 years. The tequila features a smokey, vanilla, nutty flavor that comes across almost like a cognac.