Hidden Valley Is Dropping A Gag-Inducing Concoction For National Ranch Day

Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream

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By now, I’ve become fairly numb to the many, many companies that have gone out of their way to dream up some truly baffling culinary concoctions primarily designed to drum up some free publicity.

I’d argue there’s really no way to top the chicken sandwich served on a bun made of sour Airheads that was unleashed on an unsuspecting world a couple of years ago, but that hasn’t stopped The Brands from trying.

That includes a number of different household names that have harnessed one of the more popular Weird Food formulas: making ice cream that tastes like something ice cream shouldn’t taste like.

That’s what DiGiorno did last summer when it debuted a pizza-inspired cone, which seems strange until you compare it to the mustard-flavored frozen, um, “treat” French’s whipped up in 2019 and the macaroni and cheese concoction Kraft made in conjunction with Van Leeuwen in 2021.

Now, the creamery that helped that last project come to fruition has returned with a vengeance by helping to spawn yet another questionable creation.

As I’m sure you know, March 10th marks the arrival of National Ranch Day, and millions of people across the United States will likely have trouble falling asleep on Thursday night thanks to the anticipation surrounding the yearly celebration of the tangy white condiment.

Hidden Valley has understandably decided to pull out all of the stops in honor of that occasion.

According to People, it tapped Van Leeuwen to create an ice cream that mimics the flavor of its ranch dressing and will be giving people around America the chance to try it for themselves when it lands at Walmart for a limited time later this month.

I’d expect nothing less from the brand that decided ranch-flavored eggnog was a good idea.

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