New Homebuyer Finds The House’s Walls Were Full Of Slithery Snakes (Video)

garter snake up close and slithering

iStockphoto / johnemac72

A new homebuyer in Centennial, Colorado, a suburb on the outskirts of Denver, believed they’d found the perfect home after several weeks of searching the market.

They settled on a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Centennial, Colorado, and was getting settled when they noticed something awry. Amber Hall told Denver’s ABC 7 News that one of her dogs ‘crouched down’ and ‘started walking real slow’ over to a spot in the walls.

Thinking it was just “a spider or something” she walked over to investigate what had gotten her dog’s attention and it was something out of a nightmare. There were “two little holes” in the wall with snakes slithering around inside.

She told ABC 7 News she put her hand on the wall above the snakes she could see and ‘felt warmth’ inside of the wall. It was then she knew there were many more snakes than were visible to the eye…

Colorado Dream Home With Walls Full Of Snakes

After spotting the first snake, she found 9 more making 10 in total. All coiled up inside the walls of her new dream home with her two kids and two dogs… How? How does a new homeowner’s inspection not catch something like that?!

A snake wrangler was called in to clear out the walls full of snakes. That snake wrangler estimated that some of the snakes had been inside the walls for ‘at least 2 years’ based on how big they were…. 2 years!!

The silver lining in this whole ‘dream home with walls full of snakes’ debacle, if there is one, is that the snakes were not poisonous.

They were a species of garter snake but many have said they’d never seen them this large in Colorado before so the snakes were clearly eating well. Which begs the question, what were those snakes eating inside the walls for two long years?

Snakes are active in Spring!

As the weather heats up in Spring, snake activity across America heats up as well.

This video went viral in mid-April. It was filmed in Texas with the ‘Mother of the Year‘ pulling a big ol’ rat snake out of her daughter’s car:

The comments on Instagram are mostly from fellow parents impressed that she was able to proverbially roll up her sleeves and get that snake out of there for her daughter.

They wrote:

“This lady is beyond cool!!!”

Did you see this one?

“There’s another one the left hand side under the hood. My goodness.”

“Oh no Time to move .. I could never.”

“Good for her!👏 it is not a poisonous snake, but a good snake. I don’t like snakes, but I admire her.”

It is not a poisonous snake, to be sure, but Nicole Graham and her family live on a farm.