Honest Trailer Of ‘Stranger Things’ Points Out That It’s An 80s Version Of ‘The Hangover’

The fine folks over at Screen Junkies have provided some outstanding insights on popular movies and TV shows with their massively popular Honest Trailers series. For their latest effort, they delve into Stranger Things and astutely point out that it is basically an 80s version of The Hangover but with kids.

The honest trailer of Stranger Things also notes that Barbara Holland gets a hell of a lot of attention and even her own hashtag despite being a little-seen character. They bring up the notion that if we’re going to mourn the loss of Barb, maybe we should also celebrate the life of Benny Hammond of Benny’s Burgers fame and even start a #JusticeForBenny movement.

The trailer describes the Upside Down as a place with floating dandruff, snot ropes, and a spooky vagina. Plus the popular Netflix TV series features plenty of nosebleeds, Wynona face, blinking lights, 80s references, no shortage of homages to E.T., and Eggo Waffles. So accurate.