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What Makes Doc Swinson’s Whiskey Different From Traditional Whiskeys?

Endless Hustle x Doc Swinsons

Everyone’s got a favorite beverage. You know, the one drink you order at the bar that always guarantees a great night out. For some people it’s vodka, for others it’s bourbon. I myself prefer tequila. But lately, I’ve found myself with a desire for new tastes. Or perhaps, it was one too many tequila-fueled hangovers.

If you’re like me and thirsty for a different drink, there’s only one brand you need to try. And heads up, it very well could be your newest favorite drink! Whether you’re already a fan of whiskey or have yet to be converted, a whiskey lover or a whiskey hater, Doc Swinson’s has uniquely blended whiskeys that everyone is loving.

So what makes Doc Swinson’s whiskey different from the traditional whiskeys? For one, Doc Swinson’s is a blending house, not a distillery. They source from different distilleries across the country to blend together whiskeys unique to each bottling. But the true distinction lies in how they’ve changed the American whiskey-making process. Using old-world maturation and blending techniques, Doc Swinson’s releases blended whiskeys that everyone can enjoy. Even rye whiskey haters have come to appreciate what Doc Swinson’s has to offer.


Getting a new product out to the right customers is always a struggle. While on the Endless Hustle podcast, Master Blender and one of the Doc Swinson’s founders Jesse Parker spoke on that struggle. Take a look below to hear Jesse sharing some of the praise the brand has received so far, as well as what’s in store for the future.

Completely unpaid, genuine appreciation from Joe Rogan on one of the biggest podcasts in the world.

You’ve got to admit that’s pretty damn impressive.

So if you won’t take my word or the word of the many people who are already loving Doc Swinson’s, perhaps you’ll take Joe’s, as found on the Doc Swinson’s Facebook page.

Not only are Doc Swinson’s whiskeys bringing a new, refreshing taste with age-old techniques, but they’re affordable too. Jesse knows not everyone can afford a $200 bottle of whiskey, himself included. So, if you’re loving the flagship products, know that they’re here to stay! And if you’re not completely satisfied, don’t worry.

They are constantly experimenting and mixing their blends to create new flavor expressions and better whiskeys for everyone out there.


What is Doc Swinson’s?

Doc Swinson’s began with an extremely small cache of Bourbon Barrels. Since then, they’ve grown into a unique and on occasion extremely rare, collection of American whiskies. Working with some of the best distillers in the industry, they source a number of mash-bills in a variety of ages and barrel types.

Using those sourced ingredients, Doc Swinson’s aims to find an outcome that is better than the sum of their parts. They look to the old-world traditions that have proven themselves over the course of time. From Scottish whiskey blenders to the timeless sherry pyramids of the Spanish solera, Doc Swinson’s has done their research. And for the whiskey purists out there, they occasionally stumble upon whiskey that needs no perfecting and bottle it at cask strength.

Whatever whiskey comes through the doors is personally tasted by the four founders. If and only if it’s good, will they find a place for it in either the Alter Ego, Blender’s Cut, Exploratory Cask, or Rare Release series. At the core, they are whiskey lovers with the goal of making whiskeys even better. No need to take Jesse’s or our word for it, grab yourself a bottle!


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