How To See Which Chrome Website Tabs or Extensions Are Slowing Your Computer Down


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Are you an individual who constantly has a ton of tabs open at any given moment? I for one am guilty of doing this and currently have 21 tabs open. All those tabs sucking your computer’s resources, not to mention all of the extensions devouring your CPU and RAM means that your computer is going to slow down, sometimes slow to a complete stop. Here’s how you can find the culprit of the resource-draining on Chrome and disable it so your computer’s performance is increased.

You know that moment when you open one too many windows on your computer and then your computer attempts to handle the increased workload so it kicks the fan on overdrive and your desktop or laptop rattles in an attempt to handle all of your demands? If your computer is really overworked it will freeze up and you are just sitting there just hoping the computer is revived so you can finish watching your movie.

If you’re using Chrome you can see what is exhausting your computer to the point of it to stop working. For the real-time diagnosis of what’s killing your computer, you can check the Task Manager.

  1. Once you’re in Chrome, click the button with three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the browser window
  2. Hover over “More tools”
  3. Click “Task manager” in the pop-out menu
  4. Chrome’s Task Manager will open a new window that shows you what is zapping your computer’s resources
  5. Click on the “CPU” tab at the top to see which website, tab, or extension is slowing down your computer
  6. To make your computer work better highlight the resource-draining tab and then click the “End process” button at the bottom right of the Task Manager

You can also use shortcuts to access the Task Manager, click “Shift + Esc” or “Search + Esc” for Chrome OS. Now you can enjoy a fast-processing computer without a tab or extension slowing you down. If your computer still slows down just from watching one video or having a handful of tabs open then you could try using the computer’s operating system’s default web browser, such as Microsoft’s Edge for Windows and Apple’s Safari on macOS. Another resolution might be that it’s time to install more RAM or upgrade your PC.