Videos Show Viral TikTok Party ‘Adrian’s Kickback’ Descending Into Chaos As Huntington Beach PD Clash With Hundreds Of Partygoers

  • Video promoting TikTok user’s birthday party “Adrian’s Kickback” goes viral on social media
  • Large crowds gather in Huntington Beach to attend the event
  • Huntington Beach PD clash with crowds as they try to get them to disperse
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Huntington Beach descended into chaos after police clashed with hundreds of people who came out to attend a birthday party dubbed “Adrian’s kickback” that was promoted on TikTok and quickly went viral.

On Saturday night the Huntington Beach PD put an emergency curfew in place from 11:30 p.m until 5:30 a.m. Sunday after an unlawful assembly was declared due to “unruly crowds”.

Earlier this week, Adrian’s Kickback was first promoted by TikTok user adrian.lopez517 who posted a video with a flyer that included a caption that read “pop out n celebrate my bday.”

Going into Saturday night, the hashtag #AdriansKickback had over 180 million views on TikTok that featured videos of people talking about their plans to attend the event.

As Adrian’s Kickback went viral on the social media platform, the Huntington Beach PD prepared for a large gathering in the city.

“As is the case with ALL large gatherings in #HuntingtonBeach, we have taken steps to prepare for a potential increase in visitors this weekend due to a promoted gathering that has received significant interest on social media.”

Hundreds showed up for the party at Huntington Beach as documented in social media videos.

Huntington Beach PD attempted to get the crowd to disperse by shooting less-lethal rounds at partygoers.

Things started getting out of hand when people started throwing bottles and firing off fireworks towards the police.

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