Bushels Of Weed Are Showing Up On Florida’s Beaches After Hurricane Florence And People Are Fighting Over Them

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Esteban Lopez / Unsplash

Hurricane Florence didn’t really have any effect on Florida’s weather whatsoever. It passed by the Sunshine State way out in the Atlantic Ocean, and other than sending some big waves to Florida‘s East Coast and elevated humidity levels.

We Floridians didn’t really notice Hurricane Florence at all until square groupers started showing up on the beaches of last week causing Floridians to fight over the marijuana. ‘Square Grouper’ is the term used to describe the packaged bushels of marijuana used by drug runners that occasionally show up on the beaches.

The protocol for finding a huge bushel of weed on the beach is pretty simple: you step away and call the police. The cops will come, take it away, and you can go about living your life and not have to worry about having broken the law or going to jail.

Floridians march to the beat of a different drum. We might not ever get recreational marijuana in the state of Florida unless it’s legalized federally. The old people in this state are sucking down pharmaceutical pills faster than any other state in America, and the illegal cannabis carries harsh punishments.

Those harsh legal punishments for the possession of marijuana didn’t stop Floridians from going nuts over the weed showing up on the beaches. One person who found a bail of marijuana called 911 and reported seeing ‘7 or 8’ people fighting over who gets to keep the weed according to the National Post:

“We’re at Jungle Hut (Park) and a huge bundle of drugs or something just washed up on the beach and there are people like fighting over it.” How many people? the call-taker inquired, according to a recording of the exchange. “There’s like seven or eight people out here,” the caller replied, “and they’re all like huddling up against it, and my dad’s trying to take it so that you guys can have it all.”

It just keeps showing up.

In the past week alone, more than 100-pounds of marijuana has washed up on the beaches of Florida after Hurrican Florence caused some large waves to hit the coast.

Police are apparently looking for this woman who was photographed trying to get her fill of the sticky icky before the weed was confiscated.

A 61-year-old man was found with a brick of marijuana weighing 11-pounds (found on the beach) and was charged with possession of over 20 grams. So the cops are taking this VERY seriously regardless of whether or not the beachgoers are.

This has been happening throughout Flagler, St. Johns and Volusia counties which is in and around the Daytona Beach area. So if you’re in that region and you see a huge plastic-wrapped item on the beach you should just call the cops and walk away.

Don’t get yourself arrested while trying to score free weed. You can always pay for illegal weed behind private doors if that’s your prerogative and not run the risk of getting cuffed on the beach.

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