America’s Hottest New Brunch Spot Is IHOP Now That It’s Added Mimosas And Other Drinks To Its Menu

IHOP serving alcohol mimosas beer wine


  • IHOP is taking its menu to the next level by adding alcohol at select locations
  • The chain will serve up mimosas in addition to other offerings as part of its “Bubbles, Wine & Brews” push
  • Read more about the restaurant here

It’s been over three years since IHOP expertly drummed up some press with the absolutely shameless publicity stunt that saw the restaurant pivot away from the pancakes it has historically prided itself on by rebranding as the “International House of Burgers.”

In 2019, IHOP rebranded yet again when it began to shift the focus back to its signature item by throwing a pancake on a burger, and while I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the chain decides to rile up the internet with some similarly foolish shenanigans, I think most people will be very here for its newest reveal.

According to Food and Wine, it would appear IHOP is gearing up to cut itself a slice of the boozy brunch pie with the “Bubbles, Wine & Brews” section it’s begun to add to menus at select restaurants. While a few locations in the United States were already serving up alcohol prior to this week’s announcement, IHOP will be kicking off the pilot program in New Mexico and San Diego before bringing mimosas, beer, and wine to Rhode Island, New York, and Maryland in the fall.

It’s worth noting IHOP teamed up with a New York brewery to create a Pumpkin Pancake Stout in 2018 but wasn’t actually able to sell the beer at any of its restaurants at the time.

There’s no telling if it’ll be making a comeback, but I can’t think of a better excuse to resurrect it.

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