Ever Wonder What The Inside Of A Beaver’s Home Looks Like? Well, It’s Stranger Than You Might Think

For this clip, the team behind the ‘What’s Inside?’ YouTube channel found an old beaver’s den that has been vacant for several years. They first swam up inside of it with a GoPro to get that underwater view, and then they burrowed their way in from the side. I guess it’s worth noting, as they do in this video, that this is a beaver’s den/home, but not a ‘dam’. The dam is exactly what the name implies, a structure used to raise the water level. The structure that beavers live inside of is often mistakenly referred to as a ‘dam’ when it’s not.

Until I came across this video I was never aware of just how curious I am about what the inside of a beaver’s home (lodge, den, etc) looks like. This is something I guess I’ve been curious about ever since I saw my first beaver dam but was never really aware of just how badly I wanted to see inside. When I saw ‘What’s inside a Beaver Home?’ as the #1 trending video on YouTube it clicked, and suddenly I realized that this is something that just about anyone who has ever seen a beaver’s den is extremely curious over. (via What’s Inside)

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