Here’s How To Get The ‘Top-9 Instagram Pics’ Collage That Everyone Seems To Be Posting Lately


If you’ve noticed a bunch of Instagram collages pop up on your feed lately, it’s because everyone and their mother seems to be sharing their top-9 most-liked pictures from 2018 on Instagram lately. I first noticed it on Friday night while bored on my couch, and, like a wildfire, the trend seemed to spread super fast over the weekend, with a bunch of people I follow posting their Instagram collage.

Thing is, the collection of photos isn’t something that can be done by actually using the Instagram app itself, so, if you’re like me who tried to do some investigating on seeing your own top-9 pics, you probably ran into a little trouble. Luckily, there’s the Internet to help solve the problem, so I turned to Life Hacker to get tips on how to get your very own Instagram collage to join in on the trend.

Like other good things in life, the Instagram collages are actually made by third-party sites, with one of the most popular one being, which seems to be the one most people are using. In fact, because I was curious, that’s the site I used to gather mine, which can be seen below.

It’s really easy to use to get the most-liked pics from the year for the Instagram collage, with the site simply requiring your Instagram handle and an email to send the finished collage to. One last thing, your profile must be set as public in order to use. From there, boom, you save it to your phone’s photos and can post to social media.

Another place to go to gather your Instagram collage, per Life Hacker, is a site called 2018 best nine site, which doesn’t require you entering your email address — if you’re the type of person who hates doing sh*t like that. Unfortunately, in place of anonymity, that site puts a watermark on your Instagram collage, which kind of make the whole thing look jangy. Like, it, too, requires your Instagram account to be public.

Just like that, you can join the popular trend and share some of your top memories from the year with your followers — which, hopefully, aren’t things that you’d rather forget.

(H/T Life Hacker)

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