Intellivision Is Coming Out With A New Video Game Console… Yes, That Intellivision

by 1 year ago

Alright. I think I am going to have to call an official moratorium on rebooted vintage video game consoles when Intellivision, which last put out a console in 1982 (Intellivision III — yes, there were three iterations of it), announces they too are making a comeback.

It’s bad enough that today I had to read about Atari beginning to take pre-orders of their “new” VCS or Ataribox, which they are calling “retro-inspired, but not a ‘retro-box’.” Whatever.

Now, in addition to that, the NES “Classic,” the SNES “Classic,” and the new Sega Mega Drive Mini, a miniature Sega Genesis, we’re getting another Intellivision? No. Just. No. Sorry, we have to draw the line somewhere, people.

Oh well. It’s happening, like it or not.

Intellivision® Entertainment is proud to announce that it will bring the concept of SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, FAMILY & FUN back into homes across the world with the introduction of a brand new home video game console. The original Intellivision system generated many “firsts” in the video game industry including the first 16-bit gaming machine, the first gaming console to offer digital distribution, the first to bring speech/voice to games, the first to license professional sports leagues and organizations and the first to be a dedicated game console and home computer.

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