Is Game of Thrones Worth Watching? (5 Reasons Why We Say It Is)

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For eight seasons over nine years, Game of Thrones captured the attention and hearts of millions of viewers. Since it premiered on HBO in 2011, fantasy fans and TV enthusiasts patiently waited every week for a new installment in what would be one of the most popular shows of all time.

Although many fans have a healthy disdain for the show’s finale, it still leaves an impressive legacy behind. Game of Thrones has many truly incredible moments that showcase some of television’s most compelling characters, showstopping special effects and elaborate set designs.

Those of you who are late to the party are probably asking yourself, so what?

Is GoT really worth watching?

Should I sit through 70 hours of content to chat with my friends about it 4 years after the show ended?

The answer to all these questions is an emphatic yes. Game of Thrones really is that good, and you should still check it out after years of dodging spoilers and not getting the references – even if your friends will give you grief over it.

See our spoiler-free explanation below:

Why You Should Watch GoT

Have you ever watched a movie or show and found yourself so immersed in its story that it consumes your thoughts and conversations and maybe even inspires a themed birthday party well into adulthood? Then maybe you can understand some of the magic behind Game of Thrones.

Still not convinced? Let’s break it down a bit further for those skeptics still on the fence.

Epic Battles and Action

In Game of Thrones, the action isn’t merely an afterthought. The battles in GoT are heart-pounding, breath-stealing spectacles. From brutal one-on-one combat to grand clashes involving thousands, the show delivers a visceral experience that pulls viewers into the chaos. Be it the infamous Battle of the Bastards or the Siege of King’s Landing, each conflict is a masterful blend of strategy, savagery, and suspense.

However, the action in Game of Thrones isn’t limited to humans beating each other up. The series introduces us to awe-inspiring dragons, dire wolves, and mystical forces that elevate the narrative without making it corny. These creatures breathe life into the world of Westeros and add another dimension to the GoT universe.

When watching Game of Thrones, you’re not just watching a massive dragon’s descent onto a battlefield; you’re feeling the heat, understanding the terror, and reveling in the fascination of those who witness it.

Fair warning, though, GoT doesn’t shy away from portraying violence and gore. It’s raw, gruesome, and often shocking, and not for the faint of heart.

Pop Culture Phenomenon

Game of Thrones is more than just another TV series; it’s a cultural behemoth that has left its mark on modern pop culture. From memes that sweep across social media to catchphrases that find their way into daily conversation, GoT’s influence is undeniable.

Ever heard someone declare “Winter is coming” when a storm is brewing? That’s Game of Thrones echoing in the real world.

Some folks in the GoT fandom take this even further. Some fans feel so deeply about the intricate world of Westeros that they’ve begun to believe they are their favorite characters, adopting their mindsets, values, and even clothing styles.

Whether they’re dressing up like Jon Snow or debating the morality of Cersei Lannister’s life choices, the boundary between fiction and reality blurs for some.

In a world filled with fleeting trends, Game of Thrones stands as a testament to storytelling that resonates on a universal level. Whether you’re looking to understand the latest meme or want to dive into a fandom that lives and breathes its characters, watching the series is more than entertainment; it’s a key to a cultural phenomenon that continues to influence our contemporary landscape.

Iconic Characters

The real heart and soul of Game of Thrones is its unforgettable characters. From morally ambiguous anti-heroes to honorable leaders, the show’s characters exhibit a range rarely seen on television. The characters range from those you love to hate, like Joffrey Baratheon, to ones you could share a drink with, such as Tyrion Lannister.

Take Daenerys Targaryen, for instance. Her journey from an exiled princess to a formidable queen resonated with us so much that she was a fierce contender in our ranking of the greatest HBO characters of all time.

Characters like Arya Stark, with her killer determination, and Jon Snow, with his unyielding honor, have become more than fictional personas; they’ve become cultural icons.

A significant part of what makes these characters resonate is the talent behind them. Actors like Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage, and Kit Harington didn’t merely play their roles; they inhabited them, bringing an authenticity that brought their characters to life. Combine that with quotable one-liners that have become part of everyday language, and you have a recipe for characters that transcend TV.

Shocking Plot Twists

If there’s one thing Game of Thrones down pat, it’s the art of the plot twist. GoT is filled to the brim with intricate storylines, entangled family trees, and scandalous affairs that deliver jaw-dropping moments that leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

From sudden betrayals that change the course of history in Westeros to unexpected alliances and shifting loyalties, Game of Thrones never settles for the predictable. These surprises aren’t just for shock value; they’re cleverly woven into the story, making every big reveal surprising and satisfying.

The only certainty in the world of Game of Thrones is uncertainty itself, and that’s what makes it such a thrilling watch. No matter how closely you pay attention, you’ll always find something that catches you off guard and drags you deeper into its rich and unpredictable saga.

Incredible Production Value

Game of Thrones is a triumph of television production that shows what you can do with a big enough budget. The masterminds behind GoT seamlessly blend meticulous set design, elaborate costuming, and cutting-edge CGI to create the rich world of Westeros.

Each element, from the impressive castles to the menacing dragons, is crafted with an attention to detail that drops viewers straight into the action. The show’s sets and landscapes are vital components that breathe life into the story; each piece is a work of art in its own right.

The costumes tell a story of its own, with clothing designed to reflect the characters’ personalities, social status, and the cultures they inhabit. Coupled with groundbreaking special effects that set new standards for television, Game of Thrones remains unmatched in its scope and imagination.

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… But Is GoT Worth a Rewatch?

Game of Thrones is undeniably a must-watch for fans of good storytelling. Its complex characters, unexpected twists, and extraordinary production value make the first experience of the show something truly special.

But what about a rewatch?

Well, some disappointed fans argue that revisiting the series is unnecessary, particularly given its ending that left many feeling sour.

However, that’s not the entire story.

For those fans still wanting more, or maybe just a different ending, there’s always the source material – George R. R. Martin’s books. Martin himself has noted that he was “out of the loop” on HBO’s finale, suggesting that his conclusion might take a different path. So even if the televised ending doesn’t warrant a rewatch for some, the rich world of Westeros is still open for exploration through the written word.

Game of Thrones is a monumental achievement in television history that resonates with many fans years after its conclusion. Whether it’s the iconic characters, jaw-dropping plot twists, or the sheer spectacle of its production, the show offers a multitude of reasons to watch or even rewatch.

While the jury’s out on the series’ ending, the journey to get there is ripe with moments that have become an integral part of the pop culture landscape.

And for those who wish to continue the adventure, George R. R. Martin’s ongoing saga awaits, offering new paths to explore in the captivating world of Westeros.

Whether you’re a first-time viewer or considering a return to the Seven Kingdoms, Game of Thrones remains a timeless experience that is more than just entertainment.

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