Marine Sergeant Asks Not To Be Kicked Out Of Military By Hiring Island Boys To Film Cameo Video

Person Quits Their Job By Hiring The Island Boys To Film An Amazing Company-Wide Cameo


  • The Island Boys are doing whatever they can to make a dollar and you can’t knock them for the hustle.
  • However, they really out-did themselves with their most recent Cameo video, pleading the military not to kick out one of their members for getting a DUI.
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Although their popularity has diminished some over time, the Island Boys are still hustling to get the bag however they can. Their most recent viral video, however, has really outdone themselves.

Franky (Kodiyakredd) and Alex (Flyysoulja) Venegas have skyrocketed to viral fame over the last few months. The two identical twins from Florida are covered in tattoos and have hair that is simply impossible to forget.

They both have over five million followers on TikTok and their most famous song ‘I’m An Island Boy’ will be stuck in your head for days. It’s mesmerizing.

One of the ways in which they are trying to cash-in on their newfound fame is through Cameo. Cameo is a digital service that allows “celebrities” to record personalized video messages in exchange for money. Pretty simple.

Well, the Island Boys do not care what the video is about. They just want the bag.

Earlier this year, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja recorded a hilarious video for someone who was quitting their job. In their most recent Cameo video, however, they really out-did themselves.

Apparently, a Marine named Sergeant Vasquez got charged with driving under the influence. The military is not particularly lenient on DUIs, so Sergeant Vasquez will likely be discharged from service.

However, he is not going down without a plea.

In an effort to receive a second chance, Sergeant Vasquez hired the Island Boys on Cameo to ask his superiors not to kick him out of the military. It is a wild journey.

Here is the message that the Island Boys recorded:

There are two sides to this video.

On Sergeant Vasquez’s end, he is certainly taking a unique approach to his court-martial proceeding. Did he send this video to his superiors before standing at his trial? Did he pull the video out in the middle of his military court appearance? Did it work?

On the other side of the video, the Island Boys are hustling.

Whether they really knew what they were recording or not is up for debate. I would say no. The dollar comes first, no matter what needs to be said. You simply can’t knock them for chasing the bag while they can, but to plead to the Marines on behalf of a Sergeant who got a DUI is wild.

What a time to be alive.