Islands Less Than Three Miles Apart Are Separated By A 21-Hour Time Difference

Islands Less Than Three Miles Apart 21-Hour Time Difference


Ready to do a little time traveling? If you are, then start planning a trip to the Diomede Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Why there? Well, the Diomede Islands, located between Alaska and Siberia, just so happen to be separated by the International Date Line.

Which means if you visit there, then travel less than three miles, you can go 21 hours into the future in the snap of a finger without the slightest hint of jet lag!

This crazy little fun fact was brought to the internet’s attention where we now go for all of our culture, education and news: TikTok, where user @contentdropped went viral with more than 610,000 views of him explaining the bizarre geographic phenomenon of the Diomede Islands.

“Because they’re only two-and-a-half miles apart, you can see them from one another,” he says in the video.

The bigger of the two islands, located on the Russian side of the International Date Line, goes by the incredibly creative name Big Diomede, while the smaller of the islands, located on the Alaskan side of the Bering Strait, is named Little Diomede. Clever.

As a result, Big Diomede is almost a full day ahead of Little Diomede.

Imagine how bizarre life would be if you lived on one island and worked on the other. It wouldn’t be quite as bad in the summer though as during those months the two islands are only separated by a 20-hour time difference.

Theoretically, this could happen, since an ice bridge forms between the islands in the winter, and you could always swim or boat across in warmer months.

As one commenter put it, “You could do two eight hour shifts in the same day easily.”

New Year’s Eve and birthday celebrations could also be very interesting up there depending on how you played it.

Unfortunately, for one thing, Little Diomede has a population of around 110 people, while Big Diomede is only inhabited by the Russian military. As a result, traversing this route is considered illegal.

So much for that.


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