This Gruesome Deleted Scene From ‘IT’ Is As Creepy And Crazy As The Rest Of The Film

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If you haven’t yet seen this year’s incredible movie adaptation of the terrifying 1986 Stephen King book IT, first off, what are you waiting for? And second, you won’t have to wait much longer because (a) you can rent it digitally right now and (b) it will be released on on Blu-ray on January 9th.

As for the rest of you who have seen the film, you already know how good it is and more than likely, as is the case with me, can’t wait to see it again AND see all the special features including the many deleted scenes and alternate ending we covered last month that will be included on the Blu-ray edition of the film.

One of those scenes we covered back in December went a little like this (no, it’s not the Pennywise eating a baby scene, sorry)…

“Henry and Bullies wait outside (Extended scene)”: As the Losers’ Club heads into the Neibolt house, Henry sits in his car with his face covered in blood. Belch and Victor are dead with throats slit.

Yep, as if Henry Bowers wasn’t creepy enough in the film, now we get to see just how insane he really became after he slit his father’s throat, as well as his buddies Victor and “Belch” — who just happen to be in the car with Henry as he zeroes in on the Losers’ Club.

Yeah, Henry’s got some issues.

For a sneak peek at the rest of the deleted scenes we can expect to see on the IT Blu-ray when it comes out, just click here.

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