The Jalapeño Lettuce Wrap From Carl’s Jr. Is The Craveable Snack That’ll Spice Up Your 2021 Diet

Presented in partnership with Carl’s Jr.

Looking for a new way to spice up 2021 without stuffing yourself full of carbs?

Bet you are.

But where in the world can you find picante and bold flavors, neatly wrapped in a fresh lettuce package that actually satisfies your hunger and your taste buds?

Carl’s Jr.

With the Jalapeño Lettuce Wrap, Carl’s Jr. has unleashed a sizzling version of of one of its classic menu items that you can savor without breaking your New Year’s resolutions to cut back on the carbs.

A 1/3 lb. 100% Angus beef patty, charbroiled over an open flame, topped with Pepper Jack cheese, jalapeño slices, signature Santa Fe Sauce and wrapped in fresh lettuce, the Jalapeño Lettuce Wrap is the perfect way to “Feed Your Happy” and scarf down some much needed protein and vegetables.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick dinner on the go, hitting the drive thru at lunchtime, or simply picking up a midday snack, the Jalapeño Lettuce Wrap at Carl’s Jr. is a handful … and a belly full.

Biting into the crisp lettuce wrap, the flavor of the ample beef is melded with the spicy sensation of the jalapeños, pepper jack, and Santa Fe sauce. It’s just enough to get your tongue and the roof of your mouth buzzing and humming.

Don’t worry, though, it’s not the type of fire that’ll burn going down, but rather a subtle kick that wakes your taste buds up from the bland flavors of other healthy options.

Combining the best parts of a juicy burger and a wrap, the Jalapeño Lettuce Wrap is an ideal replacement for the salad you always wanted, but could never find. With equal parts meat and vegetables, plus a dose of cheese, it’s also a prime option for the keto crowd, who are cutting back on the carbs to focus on protein.

For those who can’t handle the heat, but want more salads done the Carl’s Jr. way, where flavor isn’t sacrificed for the sake of less carbs any Carl’s Jr. burger can be made into a Lettuce Wrap simply by cutting the bun.

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