James Cameron Says He’s Surprised By How The ‘Avatar’ Sequels Look, Which Implies That They Actually Exist

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We’re back, folks, another edition of Eric Hating on Avatar Because He’s Simply So Deeply Committed to the Bit At This Point That He Has No Choice But To Keep Going.

Truth be told, I’ve actually been meaning to go back and rewatch Avatar, as I probably haven’t seen it since I saw it in theaters way back in 2009, and in the decade-plus since, it’s been demonized in my own brain to such an extent that I’m not even really sure I can trust my own opinion anymore. Do I actually hate Avatar? All I really remember about the plot is a dude named Sully turning into an alien so he can play hide-the-dorsel-fin with blue Zoe Saldana. Oh, right, yeah, that’s why I hate this movie.

Still, despite my ongoing efforts to systematically dismantle Avatar (I’ll report back with a status report eventually), the filming of the sequels is underway in New Zealand, thus leading to predictably pompous quotes from director and alienphile James Cameron.

“I deal with images in that world every single day and there are some days when I look at those images and say, ‘This is really amazing.’ I’m not patting myself on the back with that comment,” Cameron told the Toronto Sun.

“It’s a distillation of some of the best designers in the world and a great cast,” Cameron said. “But if you’ve got the script right and the design right and you have a great cast, then it’s just an iterative process to get the whole thing shot and assembled.”

Alternative headline: Man Sucks Self Off, Claims To Not Have Sucked Self Off. It’s been 11 years since the original was released, so if these Avatar 2 (and Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 and Avatar 5) visuals don’t transmit directly into my consciousness, then I really don’t wanna hear it, James.

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