Jared Leto Stops Concert To Berate Security For Pummeling Some Dude In The Audience

Jared Leto Stops Concert Security Audience

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Jared Leto is an odd dude. This is something we confirmed with all of the weird things he did while filming Suicide Squad.

He also comes offas a little bit entitled at times. Perhaps it all stems from being raised in a communal hippie environment. Who knows? It is what it is. He won an Academy Award, so whatever he’s doing is working.

Another thing that seems to be working is the band he and his brother Shannon formed back in 1998, Thirty Seconds to Mars. Because, 20 years later, they are still at it, performing in Sacramento at the Alt 94.7 Electric Christmas Thursday night.

It was there, during the band’s final song of their set that Leto put a complete halt to the concert, mid-song, to berate security guards he believed were “abusing” one of the audience members.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on, security, settle down, security…” Leto said interrupting the performance of “Closer To The Edge.”

“Turn the lights up, turn the lights up, you don’t need to take the guy down,” said Leto, pointing at security. “He’s not… you guys are being too aggressive tonight. Guys, turn the lights up, turn the lights up, turn the lights up, turn the lights up, I said. Do not… abuse… this guy… okay? Relax. Settle down. Don’t escalate the situation. It’s fine, there’s seven guys on top of this guy. It’s ridiculous.”

Leto then responded to someone in the audience, repeating how “ridiculous” it was.

Then taking back to center stage, Leto told the audience, “You know it’s a funny thing that happens when you get too many security guards in one building. There’s always problems. There’s always problems, guys. Settle down, just take care of each other, just take care of each other. What a f**king drama.”

Too many security guards… okay, Jared. Drama indeed…

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