Jared Leto Wants Joker Redemption, Supports The Release Of A ‘Suicide Squad’ Director’s Cut

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I don’t even try to hide it anymore: my vendetta against Jared Leto has devolved into parody. But here’s the thing about parody: it is, at the end of the day, a bit. And I am nothing if not committed to a good bit, and something about my relatively random ass crusading against an Academy Award-winning actor and an internationally known rock star is funny to me. We all have our unique senses of humor and something about carrying out a half-a-decade long crusade against the (in my defense) increasingly pompous Jared Leto tickles my funny bone. We are who we are.

The basis of my Leto disgust, of course, comes from his role as Joker in Suicide Squad, which has somehow — and similar to the movie itself — only gotten worse with age. And yet, despite the clear evidence that Suicide Squad was doomed from the start, there are some out there who support the idea of the “Ayer Cut”, which would essentially be a director’s cut from David Ayer a la The Snyder Cut of Justice League. One of those people just so happens to be Jared Leto himself, who also recently attempted to backtrack those bizarre stories of him sending his Suicide Squad co-stars grotesque “gifts.”

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Now that Leto has shown his support for the Ayer Cut, I’m convinced that it must never be allowed to see the light of day. Who knows what kind of horrors it could unleash. Lest we forget that the original Suicide Squad dropped in August of 2016, which was right before, well… the dawn of our current world.

If, for some ungodly reason, you want to relive the horror of Suicide Squad, the “film” is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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