Joe Rogan Reportedly Opening His Own Comedy Club In Austin

Podcaster Joe Rogan to open up his own comedy club in West Austin, Texas.

Getty Image / Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

Joe Rogan is making Texas his own. Rogan is reportedly opening up his very own comedy club in Austin, Texas.

Last year, Rogan sold his five-bedroom mansion with a meditation atrium in Bell Canyon, California, for $3.45 million — $250,000 more than the asking price of the 7,573-square-foot home. After signing a reported $100 million deal with Spotify, The Joe Rogan Experience podcaster dropped $14.4 million on a lakefront modern farmhouse in Austin.

Now, the UFC commentator is working on bringing his work very close to his home, according to a new report. Rogan will purchase the One World Theatre, a Tuscan-style entertainment venue in West Austin, according to a report from Austonia. Rogan will partner with fellow comedian Adam Eget, who will reportedly run the new comedy club.

The One World Theatre opened its doors in 1999, when current owners Hartt and Nada Stearns decided to bring concerts, dance, theatrical and kid’s productions to the new venue in association with an equal partner, the Barton Creek Art Center. The Stearns acquired 100% interest in the property in 2007 and have been running it since.

According to the Travis Central Appraisal District, the property is on its second foreclosure and likely sustained damages due to the winter storm.

The former Fear Factor host has been talking about opening up his own comedy club for several months.

Last August, Rogan talked about opening his own comedy club during an interview with his dear friend Joey Diaz and former producer Brian Redband.

“Most likely I’m going to do a comedy club (in Austin). It’ll be fun for all of us,” Rogan told the fellow comedians.

In September, Rogan proposed opening up a comedy club during a JRE podcast interview with Blue Collar Comedy Tour comedian Ron White.

“The best way to be free is not to be connected to the Hollywood machine because the Hollywood machine is all woke now,” Rogan declared. “It’s completely ridiculous and everyone’s full of s***. What we need is a machine that we create ourselves.”

“The idea is if we open a club — when we open up a club I should say — is to have these local guys come in, pump them up, let people know there’s a real scene here and help them,” Rogan said. “Not just Austin comics but from everywhere, bring them into this place and have this be a hub.”

Rogan’s home comedy club with The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, where he had a rollercoaster relationship with the management of the iconic comedy club, including Mitzi and Pauly Shore, who banned him over an incident with comedian Carlos Mencia. The ban eventually ended and Rogan was a regular at The Comedy Store.

Rogan was spotted at Stubb’s BBQ in January with comedy legend Dave Chapelle, Elon Musk, and Grimes.