North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park Talks With Joe Rogan About The Horrifying Realities Of Life In N.K.

  • North Korean defector Yeonmi Park was a guest on The Joe Rogan experience where she discussed the truly horrific realities of life in North Korea
  • It’s almost unfathomable for Westerners to hear these disturbing stories of starvation and death and be able to process that this is what life is like for anyone
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Yeonmi Park is a defector from North Korea who was a recent guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. She shared with Rogan the truly horrifying realities of life in North Korea.

I wanted to use the beginning of this article as a warning for anyone who might be easily disturbed. This isn’t someone talking about losing weight and feeling pain from hunger. In the opening portion of this, they discuss hospitals overrun by rats and bodies dumped in rivers. So be prepared for a heavy dose of reality here.

The Winter in North Korea is incredibly cold. We’re talking average Fahrenheit temperatures of 14-to-29 (Low to High) in January. North Korea has a very shaky power grid. They live with a never-ending food shortage partially because they’re completely walled off from the outside world. There are no weekends. And after a normal work day, most workers go straight from work to mandatory learning sessions. So work on top of work with a little side of work, all while suffering from malnutrition.

I really have nothing to add to this discussion. That was a lot to absorb. I thank my lucky stars and stripes to be born when and where I was. Her’s is a story that deserves to be shared though so do her a favor and share that video with someone in your life.

There’s a good podcast episode about North Korea from Stuff You Should Know that was recorded back in 2018. It’s partially out of date because the news from N.K. is constantly changing and how the country is viewed globally can change from week to week. But it’s still definitely worth listening to if you’re interested in learning more about North Korea.

And for whatever reason, there are actually a ton of blogs out there on the web that are completely dedicated to reporting about Kim Jong-Un’s life. Including updates about things like where he’s at in the country, health, new yachts, mansions, etc. So if you find yourself in need of going down a North Korean rabbit hole of information there are a TON of sources out there.