The Juice Is Loose: O.J. Simpson Released From Prison After Serving 9 Years (VIDEO)

The Juice is officially loose. At 12:08 a.m. local time in Nevada on Sunday, Orenthal James Simpson was released from the Lovelock Correctional Center. After serving nine years in prison for his role in a Las Vegas armed robbery in 2007, he was granted parole in July, and released on Sunday morning. O.J. AKA Denim Dan, was dressed in the finest Canadian tuxedo, all denim, and looking like the president, chairman, and CEO of Levi Straus.

After serving a minimum sentence, video shows Simpson leaving the prison and walking to the parking lot. The 70-year-old former NFL star was picked up by an unnamed friend and is reportedly staying with friends in a gated community for the immediate future. Nevada state prisons spokeswoman, Brooke Keast, said she did not know who picked up Simpson and was unaware where he was going following his release.

Simpson’s attorney believed that the accused murderer will move to Florida because Florida isn’t already wacky enough without O.J. Simpson. Not everyone is super stoked about welcoming O.J. Simpson into the Sunshine State. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi sent a letter to the Florida Department of Corrections in an attempt to discourage them from accepting Simpson. “Our state should not become a country club for this convicted criminal,” Bondi wrote in a letter to the FDC.

Another person who is not too pleased that O.J. has been released is Fred Goldman, Ron Goldman’s father. “I’m not too terribly thrilled that any horrible human being — certainly he fits that description — gets out of jail,” Fred said last week.

The conditions of Simpson’s release include random alcohol testing, and he is allowed to “consume alcoholic beverages but not to excess.” His BAC must be under .08 and he is prohibited from using controlled substances without a prescription from a doctor. The parole board stated that Simpson cannot break any laws, cannot leave the state without permission, cannot “associate with convicted felons.”

Simpson’s longtime friend, Tom Scotto, said Simpson was “looking forward to playing golf, seeing old friends and spending time with family.”

Now we wait for O.J. Simpson’s next move, will it be to get a Twitter account or appear on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians?”