Latest Internet Conspiracy Claims Kanye West Actually Wanted To Lose All Of His Partnerships

Kanye West

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Adidas announced on Tuesday they were terminating their partnership with Kanye West. This came after Kanye West has been spewing vile anti-semitic rhetoric on social media and in interviews including one with LeBron James.

Adidas wasn’t the first brand to end things with Kanye West. Balenciaga also cut ties. As did his agency (CAA), his lawyers, his documentary film crew, and he’s been restricted on Twitter and Instagram.

There’s now a growing Internet conspiracy theory about Kanye West that claims this is what Kanye wanted all along. The theory suggests that Kanye West has been using anti-semitic remarks to blow up his business partnerships. The end game people are suggesting in this Kanye West conspiracy theory is Ye will then be able to start new companies and work independently.

Of the various moving parts here, this conspiracy theory would suggest Kanye West is using the vile and dangerous spread of antisemitism to benefit his own business. It also implies that Kanye is clever and callous enough to conceive of this plan and see it through.

A quick perusal of social media reveals this Kanye West conspiracy theory is one a lot of people are buying into

Searching the phrase ‘what Kanye wanted’ is very telling. There are many responses like this one:

There are many many people saying this:

Other tweets about this Kanye West conspiracy theory spell out it plainly:

As I mentioned above:

Kanye West is currently being held accountable for his hurtful and dangerous antisemitism. He flaunted it in Adidas’ face!

At this point, all of these tweets are just Kanye West conspiracy theories. They can’t be substantiated until Kanye himself speaks on the issue. Kanye will certainly have a lot to say in the coming days.

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