Want To Fight Hair Loss Without Leaving Your Couch? Keeps Has The FDA-Approved Solution You Need

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One of the super fun aspects of getting older is being treated to an exponentially increasing number of reminders that you’re not immune to the inevitable passage of time; over the past few years, I’ve been treated to countless reality checks that have marked the various steps I’ve taken on my journey to becoming Officially Washed, like discovering Tekashi69 is not, in fact, the name of a Japanese stereo and realizing I don’t know what “yeet” means.

I’ve also reached a point where I don’t have to utter the words “Bloody Mary” three times to be terrified of looking into the mirror, as there’s nothing like the fear that comes with knowing you might gaze at your reflection only to discover your receding hairline has started to give LeBron’s a run for his money—and if you’ve ever experienced that feeling, Keeps is here to help you out.

There are a variety of strategies you can harness when it comes to coping with hair loss, like pivoting to the Mr. Clean look or deciding to become a Hat Guy. However, what if I told you that you could get connected with a certified physician from the comfort of your couch and have an FDA-approved hair loss solution shipped to your door for a fraction of the price you’d normally have to drop at a pharmacy?

*Martin Landau in “Entourage” voice*

Is that something you might be interested in? If so, you don’t need to look any further than Keeps.

keep hair loss treatment


For the past three years, Keeps has been reinventing the hair loss treatment game by making it easier (and cheaper) than ever to transform your thinning hair back into a glorious mane that would make Mufasa jealous. If you’re reading this, I would assume you have access to the internet, which is also all you need to get started.

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Once you sign up, you’ll be connected with a licensed doctor who will help you come up with the best plan of action with the assistance of the clinically-proven pills, shampoo, and other products offered by Keeps, which will automatically replenish your supply every three months after you receive your first shipment.

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As if the convenience doesn’t pay for itself, Keeps will also set you back half of what you would normally be forced to shell out if you picked up the exact same remedies at your typical drug store, as plans start as low as $10 a month and can be adjusted at any point after you embark on your revenge tour.

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