This Timelapse Of What Happens To Ketchup Left Sitting Out For 21 Days Is Trippy AF

by 1 week ago

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Did I wake up this morning thinking that I’d spend the first chunk of my day watching a high-def timelapse video of ketchup that’s been left sitting out on a plate for 21 days? I did not. Have I since watched this video at least three times (on 2x speed)? You’re damn right, I have.

It’s mesmerizing. I can’t look away. Sure, I’ve made the mistake of leaving ketchup out on a plate for days (weeks?) before on my own back in middle school when my parents would let me bring dinner into my bedroom so I could “study” (study = play video games). But to see what happens close up like this and watch it in real time is wild.

The clip is pretty self-explanatory. Someone pours ketchup onto a plate and then they keep the camera rolling for 21 days and we (the viewers) watch as the sugars crystalize and the ketchup goes from being a delicious condiment to something that looks like it could be used as a weapon in prison. I watched this video at 2x speed the first time because my first thought was no sane person should watch a timelapse of ketchup for 3min32sec and I’m glad I watched it sped up because it was even more trippy but I suggest you mess around with the video’s speed on YouTube yourself to find that sweet spot of ‘WTF am I watching right now?’

Like I said above, I didn’t expect to spend any portion of my day watching ketchup solidify but I’m sure AF glad I did because this is trippy and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen on the Internet recently.

Who knows where this day is going to bring me now. I might be eating rattlesnake tacos for dinner at the rate this day is going.

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