Kevin Garnett Ordered To Pay Wild Monthly Child And Spousal Support Payments After Ex-Wife Called B.S. On Prenup

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Kevin Garnett is fortunate that he currently ranks as the all-time leading salary earner at $334 million, sans endorsements. Kevin Garnett is unfortunate in that he amde so much money that he had no idea his accountant helped a wealth manager steal $77 million from him.

Now, the 15-time All-Star will have to pony up monthly to support his ex-wife Brandi, who filed for divorce in July 2018 after a 14-year marriage.

Months back, we reported that Brandi was seeking “$146,000 per month in spousal support, plus another $46k monthly in child support for their 2 daughters.” She was also asking for  $300k in attorney fees and an additional $25k to retain counsel in another financial matter involving Kevin allegedly getting swindled out of $77 million.

Welp, the numbers are in.

According to new court documents obtained by The Blast, Garnett was ordered to pay Brandi $100,000 a month to cover both child and spousal support. Brandi was also awarded the $300,000 in attorney’s fees. God damn, paying for attorney’s fees is like paying for your enemy’s weapons during war. Talk about the proverbial twist of the knife.

The order is only in effect until the two can agree on a permanent deal.

Garnett initially asked the court to terminate spousal support for Brandi, citing a prenup the couple signed a month before the marriage. Brandi called bullshit, saying the prenup essentially stated that “almost everything would be his” and she would only receive “an initial payment of $500,000 or $1 million.”

Note to self: never get married.

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