Kim Kardashian And Kendall Jenner Got Mocked At The Emmys For Saying Their Show Is ‘Real’ And ‘Unscripted’

Kim Kardashian And Kendall Jenner Got Mocked For Their Emmys Speech

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In a shocking turn of events, because in all the years they have been on TV they’ve never been accused of being out-of-touch or tone-deaf, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner got laughed at by the Emmys audience and people on social media for something they said during their presentation of the Best Reality Competition Program award.

During their little speech on stage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday night, Kardashian introduced the category they were presenting by saying, “Our family knows first-hand how truly compelling television comes from real people, just being themselves.”

She was being serious. That was not intended to be a joke. A bunch of people in the Emmys audience laughed anyway, interrupting Jenner’s next line, “Telling their stories unfiltered and unscripted.”

Again, not a joke, but it should have been because as many on social media pointed out, both of those lines were pretty damn laughable.

Naturally, because they are who they are, social media had a field day making fun of Kim and Kendall.