Lawyer Will Not Provide Houston PD With Sexual Assault Evidence Against Deshaun Watson Because Son Of Watson’s Lawyer Works At Police Dept

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Lawyer Tony Buzbee,who represents nearly two dozen women who are accusing Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson of sexual assault, has reversed course and will not provide the Houston police department with evidence pertaining to the Watson case.

Two weeks ago, Buzbee promised to compile all the accusations made against Watson and give them to the Houston PD.

We’ll get all the lawsuits on file first and then we’ll put together a package submit it to the police department

Now Buzbee says he will not provide HPD with the files because he once beefed with the former police chief and the son of Watson’s lawyer Rusty Hardin works in a commanding position within the department.

The Houston PD had previously disputed the fact that Buzbee said he was contacted by a Houston PD officer about the case.

Buzbee maintained he was informally contacted by an officer he knew in the department off the record.