9th Sighting Of The Loch Ness Monster This Year Gets Documented With A Drawing

Loch Ness Monster sighting

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  • The latest sighting of the Loch Ness Monster – the ninth in 2021 – comes just 11 days after the eighth.
  • The witness, Colin Veacock, says he located Nessie with his binoculars and created a drawing detailing what he saw.
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Colin Veacock, a 55-year-old retired delivery driver, is the latest person to claim to have witnessed the elusive Loch Ness Monster which has been evading biologists, zoologists, professors of natural history, and other enthusiasts since 1933.

Veacock’s Loch Ness Monster sighting, the ninth one recorded in 2021, comes just 11 days after another sighting by a man and his daughter.

According to the report filed by The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, the man and his daughter said they were hillwalking above Fort Augustus on the southwest end of Loch Ness when they saw something about 20 minutes after a cruise boat had passed by, adding, “there was no boat activity at the time of the sighting.” Unfortunately, they were not able to provide and photographic evidence of what they witnessed on that day.

Mr. Veacock experienced his encounter with the Loch Ness Monster near Urquhart Castle, a ruin site beside Loch Ness well known for the number of sightings in that area over the years.

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“Mr. Veacock visiting from the North West of England was parked up in the last lay by north of the castle scanning the loch with his binoculars when he noticed something two thirds across the loch away,” wrote Gary Campbell, keeper of the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, in his report.

“He originally thought it was a foot high and some five foot long, but later was able to compare it with the Jacobite Warrior tourist cruise boat as it passed by the area.

“As such, he stated that what he observed was easily the length of the handrail at the rear of that boat which led him to re-asses what he saw as nearly two foot high and ten to twelve feet long. He said the same was witnessed by two other families in the layby.”

Also included in Campbell’s report is a sketch drawn by Mr. Veacock which was shared by the Facebook page of Steve Feltham, a full time Loch Ness Monster hunter.

In the comments section of another Facebook post discussing the sighting, Veacock wrote, “I was scanning up and down the loch north of the castle when on my third pass I noticed this object about two thirds of the way across the loch. It was suddenly just there. I didn’t, as one site put it, see a prehistoric monster surge out of the water! At first I thought it was small but later when the Jacobite Warrior passed I got a better idea of scale. It was two feet high, ten to twelve foot long and tapered away into the water. I came to that estimate by judging it was the same size as the handrail at the rear of the Warrior. A black dinghy speedboat passed close but it never moved. An Indian couple parked on my right followed my directions and gave me a thumbs up indicating he could see it. Then the clouds broke bathing the opposite shore and hills in bright sunlight and I lost sight of it in the reflections in the water. I didn’t, as one site said, see it plunge into the peaty depths, I just lost sight of it.”


Veacock also shared a photo from where he made his sighting, sadly without any evidence of Nessie, writing, “It was just too far away. It was the same size as the handrail at the rear of the Jacobite Warrior. Besides which, every time I looked away it took me a while to relocate it. I should say as well, I thought it was much smaller until the boat came along and gave me a better understanding of the scale and distance involved.”

Whether Mr. Veacock actually saw the shifty Loch Ness Monster or not, one thing is for certain. He had a much better experience at the Loch than one Twitter user who, when he recently searched “Loch Ness” on Google Maps, was met with the image of a smiling naked man.

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