He Won The Lottery Twice In 4 Months And Got Over $1 Million, But He Still Lives In His Trailer Home

by 11 months ago
Lottery millionaire still lives in a trailer in Maine

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What would you buy if you won over a million dollars from the lottery? A new sports car? A luxurious vacation? A swanky new house? One lottery winner decided against all of those luxuries.

Meet Bobby Stuart, a 65-year-old tractor driver from Kennebunkport, Maine. Stuart won the lottery twice this year, snatching $1 million from the Maine State Lottery and $100,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket four months later. But even with his new $1.1 million windfall, Stuart is wisely saving the cash.

Despite hitting it big in the lottery, Stuart isn’t leaving his beaten-up trailer home where he has lived for the last 40 years.

“Ain’t nothing really different,” Stuart told the Boston Globe. “I do the same thing over and over.”

Stuart has only splurged on new windows for the mobile home. The lotto winner admits that he occasionally treats himself to a lobster roll instead of his usual meal of a burger or hot dog. But Bobby points out that the lobster roll is “only $10.99” and it comes with fries.

Stuart has used his lottery winnings to give to his three kids. Coincidentally, Stuart’s son Greg won $250,000 from the state lotto himself.

“Everybody I talk to says, ‘Why doesn’t he buy a new house?’” Greg said of his tight-pocketed dad. “I say, ‘He doesn’t want one.’ ”

Stuart said he is still spending his money on lotto tickets and even won another $500 recently. Bobby is a smart man, a million dollars isn’t that much money, and he’s not paying a mortgage. Then again, everyone knowing that you won $1.1 million and live in a trailer, might be a little worrisome.

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