Imagine Being A Lottery Winner Who Picked All Zeroes And Forced To Split The Winnings With Over 2,000 People

Mega Millions lottery jackpot

Shutterstock / karenfoleyphotography

Winning the lottery’s supposed to be the best day of a person’s life, in my opinion. I mean, billions of people have tried their hand at winning millions of dollars each big drawing, finding random ways to choose their numbers. Of course, most of the time, their dreams are flushed down the toilet when someone else walks away with the lucky numbers. It can be devastating not to be the winner.

Now imagine saying you’ve won the lottery and finding out that over 2,000 people did the same exact thing during the drawing, with each picking the most random of numbers; all zeroes. That’s what people in North Carolina are experiencing this week after a Pick 4 lotto drawing ended up being 0-0-0-0, with the $7.8 million prize now forced to be split between the more than 2,000 winners.

Following the extremely rare occurrence, lottery officials in North Carolina tweeted out this picture showing the wild line of winners waiting to claim their prize.

So, what do these “lucky” lottery winners walk away with now that they’ve been part of a $7.8 million jackpot? A measly $5,000 after taxes and all that, so it’s not really much. That’s pretty disappointing considering that, when these people won, they knew the jackpot was in the millions and probably had hopes of retiring early or going on some extravagant vacation this summer.

As crazy as it sounds that so many people matched four zeroes, just last week, North Carolina actually paid out a total of $2.1 million in prizes to more than 5,600 Pick 3 winners who selected the winning number combination of 1-1-1, so there must be something in the water down there when it comes to random lottery numbers.

Don’t get me wrong, having an extra five grand would be awesome. But when you win the lottery, the hope is that it’s for millions and that the cash will be life-changing. Still, to be a winner has to be pretty awesome, so props to the over 2,000 people who won in North Carolina.