Macaulay Culkin’s Response To News Of Disney Planning A ‘Home Alone’ Reboot Was Goddamn Perfect

Macaulay Culkin Had The Best Response To Plans For Home Alone Reboot

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There is a very small percentage of movies in history that could not be improved with a clean reboot. First Blood, Rocky, Road House and Tombstone all come to mind.

So does one other movie: Home Alone.

Seriously, how can any attempt to redo Home Alone possibly improve on the original starring a young, precocious Macaulay Culkin?

Which is why when news of Disney planning to reboot Home Alone with new actors for a “re-imagining” of the all time classic, people were more than a little peeved.

For one thing, how does a kid get left home alone these days with no way to contact anyone in his family or a family friend to let them know? He could just call them, text them, send them an email, a Snap, an Instagram, or use about a dozen other forms of communication.

It’s just a really bad idea and one that Disney should strongly reconsider.

Now, if they were to use the same actors, including Macaulay Culkin reprising his role as Kevin McCallister, only 29 years later, that is something I think I could get behind.

We already got a small glimpse of what that might look like back in 2015 and it was rather jarring.

But with news that Disney is actually planning to reboot his movie classic, Macaulay Culkin once again shared what an updated version of Home Alone set in present day might look like.

Nailed it.

Of course, we really should have seen that coming, shouldn’t we?

Macaulay Culkin Had Best Response To Plans For Home Alone Reboot

20th Century Fox
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