Magician Stumps Penn And Teller And Blows Them Away With His Sponge Magic

Penn and Teller are two of the most famous magicians in the world. Their combined net worth from magic is estimated to be somewhere around $300 million. In 2018, they were the second-highest paid magicians in the world after raking in somewhere around $30 million, according to Forbes.

You don’t make it to the top like that without spending year after year grinding it out on the magic scene and witnessing pretty much every type of magic and magic trick on the planet. For their TV show on the CB, Fool Us, Penn and Teller bring on rising magicians to perform and test their abilities to root out a simple trick.

The goal is to stump Penn and Teller and if the magician successfully fools them they’ll be rewarded with a five-star trip to Las Vegas where they’ll be invited to perform at Penn and Teller’s magic show at the Rio Hotel & Casino. Here we see magician Xulio Merino successfully stump Penn and Teller with his unique sponge magic.

Here’s Spanish magician Xulio Merino using these red sponge clown noses in a way that Penn and Teller have never come across before and for these two veterans to be stumped by a guy who only has 1,233 followers on Instagram you KNOW this trick is unique and built from scratch, unlike the magic tricks that have been passed around for years throughout the industry.

If you enjoyed this one then you 100% NEED to check out this trick from fellow Spanish magician Adrián Carratalá. He is also one of the magicians that fooled Penn and Teller on Fool Us this seasno and he was so damn confident in his trick that he fooled them not once but TWICE with the same trick. he calls his own shot like Babe Ruth and masterfully executes his illusion in front of two titans of the industry.

Check it out:

I do wish we could learn how they pull these tricks off but I get it, it’s how the show works and they need to protect their craft. It would be cool though if we could find out what’s going on behind the scenes more often.

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