Jet Ski Fisherman Nearly Loses It When A Mako Shark Flips Out Of The Water Next To Him

mako shark

YouTube / JetSki Fishing Show

If you’ve ever been on a Jet Ski then you already know that they’re not the most stable vessels in the ocean. Every time a wave rolls through the Jet Ski sways from side to side. There’s a constant sense of foreboding that you’re never more than a rogue wave away from getting tossed into the water. And that’s what makes this video even more terrifying.

This Jet Ski fisherman nearly lost it when a mako shark came flipping out of the water just feet (inches?) from his head. The shark burst out of the ocean unannounced and treated the fisherman and camera to some aerial acrobatics. Mako sharks are some of the most acrobatic sharks in the ocean. It’s not all that rare to see a mako shark doing backflips while fishing, but to see a shark pop up and flip this close to a Jet Ski out of nowhere is pretty insane:

I wasn’t joking when I said the mako shark is the most acrobatic shark in the ocean. Check out these fishermen off Long Island losing it when a mako shark does backflips. Or this one in Florida. Need more? This mako shark does backflips better than an Olympic diver.

I’ve done plenty of kayak fishing and fishing from a canoe (obviously in boats as well), but I’ve never gone fishing on a Jet Ski before. I’m curious what it’s actually like because you can get to deep fishing waters really quickly (Jet Skis are fast), but in an instance like that you have to feel insanely vulnerable to mother nature.

[h/t JetSki Fishing Show]