Man arrested for calling 911 twice after his mom was mean to him

Vincent Valvo has got mommy problems so bad that he called 911. If only he weren’t a fully grown man.

Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

Valvo called 911, complaining to the operator that he “didn’t like how his mom was talking to him.”

Police showed up and listened to Valvo’s complaints. After noting no emergency, an officer warned Valvo about his improper usage of 911 and implored him not to do it again.

Naturally, Valvo called again shortly afterwards with the same complaint.

Police arrested Valvo outside his Florida home for misuse of the police emergency system, a misdemeanor charge. The arresting officer claimed that Valvo smelled of alcohol.

Valvo was released from the county jail on a $500 bond.

The police report doesn’t note what Valvo’s mother said that affected him so deeply. It’s unclear as of press time whether or not Valvo received medical treatment for the sand in his vagina.