Man Is Shocked By What He Finds When He Cuts His IKEA Desk In Half, But There’s A Good Explanation

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There are a plethora of valid reasons to not be a big fan of IKEA. Most of them have to do with putting together their products and the excruciating trips to the store with your wife or girlfriend.

Like I said, VERY valid reasons…

A man who was very surprised with what he discovered when he cut his IKEA desk in half thought that he had come up with another reason to be disenchanted with IKEA, but it turns out there was a legitimately very good reason for for what he found. (Also, why was he cutting his desk in half?)

Taking to Twitter, here’s what he had to say (along with some photos of his discovery)…

“I always knew that Ikea furniture was fake wood—particle board with a veneer on top. Fine, whatever. But last night I sawed into my desk and discovered the particle board *itself* is a lie. FOLKS IKEA WOOD IS LITERALLY CARDBOARD.”

He later added, “(To be clear, I don’t have a problem with this: it’s cheap, light, and works. But it was extremely surprising!)”

What a noob, right? Everyone knows that is how some desks are made! Pffft… right? (I had no idea that was how some desks were made, but as you will see from the responses he got, I most certainly do now. Don’t @ me.)

IKEA apparently caught wind of this conversation and took it upon themselves to issue a statement (via Mirror)…

“At IKEA all of our products are designed with form, function, sustainability, affordability and quality in mind. In order to minimise waste, we strive to use materials in the most efficient way. By using a strong honeycomb pattern paper filling inside some products it allows us to produce more pieces using less raw materials and at the same time reduce the price for people without compromising on quality. Product material information is clearly displayed in store and online.”

Valid point.

Also, be warned…

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